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Photo 9 Dec i Love Jang AMPARNA :D

i Love Jang AMPARNA :D

Link 7 Dec 2 notes The Story of the Shady Girl: WHY Marsians LOVE Down to Mars»


Yesterday, I had soo much fun with Down to Mars and Marsian. I never thought I’d become one of the host on their “HAPPY MARSIAN DAY”. The event was the coolest party I’ve ever been! Everything was free! All you have to do is bring yourself! The foods are amazing and the prizes are all must…

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Here is the audio of my Cover of Chris Brown’s CRAWL 

Enjoy :)

ganda :DDDDD

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AttaJANG sings…

So Let’s Crawl…


                                      Crawl …        BACK TO LOVE…

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Photo 12 Nov i <3 GOD

i <3 GOD

Photo 12 Nov whahaha, epanu? xD

whahaha, epanu? xD

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DOWN TO MARS is LOVE&#160;! ♥



Link 2 Jun 2 notes Daily PPOP Updates: Let's get to know the six (6) guys of Down to Mars »


Down To Mars is an inter-pop music group that aims to bridge differences thru their myriad music influences and their interracial roots but all blended with Filipino blood. They call themselves as Down To Mars because “DOWN” serves as their constant reminder to stay humble and “MARS” associated to…

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